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Pediatric Chiropractic Care For Kids & Children in Oklahoma City

Are you wondering why to take your child to a spinal doctor or a chiropractor? You may think what can go wrong with the kids’ spine, but you cannot ignore a chiropractor still. Today, parents are too much concerned about the spinal health of their kids, and thus they approach chiropractors. A traumatic birth can become fairly invasive, or there may be daily slips and falls leading to an injury to the spine. If nothing is done, the normal growth and development of the child may get impaired. There may be a limited range of motion at the later stage of life. Similar to this, there can be vast issues resulting from any spinal misalignment. Some of the reasons behind bodily aches and spinal misalignment may be fall in the earlier months, an excessive spinal motion, and birth canal trauma, an unsupported motion of the head, neck or any other region. Emotional issues can also lead to problems in the spine. Even a simple act of trying to walk can result in falls, leading to pain in the head, neck, and hands. Pediatric chiropractic care offered at Chiropractor OKC Edmond may bring about quick relief from pain and discomfort and restore the normal functioning of the body organs. Leading acupuncturist at chiropractic center may help a child deal with issues like asthma, spinal misalignment, ear infection, poor immunity. Acupuncture treatment is a powerful and effective way of handling them all.

Young children may also get pressure on the nerves or nervous tension resulting in immense pain. We have a pediatric chiropractor who can make chiropractic adjustments in a very gentle manner. So, the chiropractor helps in retaining the range of motion, restoring optimal functionality of the limbs and ensuring proper growth and development. The spinal adjustment will be made gently to cause the least discomfort to the child. We may also offer chiropractic care and training when you are expecting.

Wondering how the doctor will adjust your child’s spine? Dr. Marcus Favorite will first carry out a physical examination of the spine and then monitor the condition. After this, he will address the problem areas or the child’s spine by implementing modern techniques. Hence, the nervous system of the child functions to the optimum level as it gets an opportunity to communicate efficiently. Proper healing will follow after the treatment. We carry out pediatric adjustments most safely and effectively.


What do we do?

Chiropractor OKC Edmond has the whole team of pediatric chiropractors to assist pregnant women, newborns, and children alike. Pregnant women and kids can benefit alike from chiropractic care and services. When it comes using chiropractic care service, you cannot just take your infant to any of the chiropractors. In fact, it is dangerous to take your child to any inexperienced chiropractor. The spine of the baby or child is extremely delicate and need sensitive hands. Having experience of more than 10 years in pediatric chiropractic care, Dr. Marcus Favorite can correct the misalignment without causing any adverse reaction. With the combination of acupressure and spinal adjustment, we seek to restore your child’s health. Your child will develop healthily while doing away with pain and discomfort.

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